What is Weird Kink?

Weird Kink is a series of “minicons” and events geared towards offbeat, strange, and creative kink. We want to explore some of the oddball corners and possibilities. Let us see where our imaginations can take us.


The numbered series of events are “minicons”, small “house” conferences geared towards a more private and intimate environment. This is the main event for Weird Kink. Provided spaces are available and all things go well, there should be 2 or 3 Weird Kinks every year in the WNY and surrounding region. Each will have a different central theme.

What is this “Mean Stuffies” thing?

Weird Kink I: Mean Stuffies is about sadism, mindfucks, mental BDSM, and similar play using plush toys.

I heard somebody talking about Weird Kink Extras. What is that about?

The “Extra” series of events are small meetups and seminars with roundtable and unconference styles. They’re intended as a supplement to the main events and to help build the community of weird kinksters. They are not a regularly scheduled event series and occur sporadically. 

Is Weird Kink about BDSM?

Sure. Many folks would say Mean Stuffies is about “mental BDSM”. Some of the content will be about what most people would call “BDSM”. “Mean Stuffies” is being hosted by the Rochester Kink Society. But really, Mean Stuffies is about having adult fun with plushies. Weird Kink is about offbeat and eccentric kinks. We’ll leave it to folks on some forums to dispute whether the “BDSM” label properly applies or not. We’re just going to have fun with it.

BDSM photoIs Weird Kink inclusive?

Yes, absolutely! Weird Kink’s core mission is facilitating and creating content for sexual & gender minority and adult sex education communities. Weird Kink is radically inclusive and welcoming. We also have a strong policy regarding  both bigotry and personal space. You are welcome and we care about your safety  & well-being regardless of heritage, identity, or status. 

Photo by Mike Slichenmyer

Photo by torbakhopper