Thanks for your interest in collaborating with us! We have multiple collaboration opportunities for groups and community members interested in participating in Weird Kink events.

volunteers photoEvent Volunteers

Like any other event series, we can always use some helping hands out at our events. Currently, we have the “Mean Stuffies” mini-conference coming up. We need:

  • Door and Ticket Staff
  • Parking Lot Staff
  • RKS qualified DMs
  • Server assistance (for picnic lunch and tea party supper)
  • General staff (provide assistance to attendees, setup, cleanup, assorted help)

Apply here to be a “Mean Stuffies” event volunteer. Students, disabled folks, and those travelling longer distances to attend the event will be given preference for volunteer tickets and discounts.

Event Presenters

Weird Kink could use your creativity and expertise. Do you have a great idea for our “Mean Stuffies” event? Let us know! Apply here to be a presenter for Mean Stuffies on September 30th in Rochester, NY. All presenters are guaranteed entry to the event and following play party. Other conditions are negotiable. We have open slots for 60-minute and 90-minute classes. Please fill out our presenter form and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible.

Vetting and Community Partners

handshake photoWeird Kink is open to LGBT, queer, kink, and other sexual and gender minority groups providing vetting and community support for events.

Vetting is a simple matter of confirming that a person is a member or ally of your group in good standing. Many alternative sexuality venues have vetting requirements and most Weird Kink events require attendees to be vetted. Due to the subject matter we are exploring, it is important for the privacy and safety of our attendees. We view it as an opportunity to build community bridges and deliver content to a wider audience.

Community support partners are groups that have taken it one step further than being a vetting partner. Community support partnerships are an informal agreement to promote each others’ events, provide friendly advice, and share community connections. There’s no particular commitment beyond a general friendship and spirit of solidarity.

Event Hosts

Weird Kink is about some, well, weird subject matter. Appropriate hosts and venues are highly valued. If you help operate a venue or know of a group that may be interested in hosting a Weird Kink event, please let us know. We’re always open to more space possibilities and we’re especially interested in the potential for collaborations.

We currently offer “Extras” and “Minis” to local groups. Extras are workshops and theme parties. Minis are small house and/or in-group mini-minicons. If you can arrange an appropriate venue for a full mini-conference or conference event, we are also open to discussing the possibility of an entry in our main event series.

Partners and Sponsors

We are open to varying partnerships for events, event series, and special installations. Please contact us with your proposal or to solicit a proposal from us.

We are open to event and event series sponsorships. We can offer a variety of sponsor packages, based on your budget and needs. Please contact us with your details for more information.