creepy teddy photo30 September, 2017 – Downtown Rochester, NY – Doors Open 11AM

What is this “Mean Stuffies” thing?

Weird Kink presents MEAN STUFFIES, a “minicon” of offbeat kinks focused on sadism and mindfucks with plush toys. Sarcastic teddy bears, violent beanies, and demanding dolls can twist the simplest things around into a head-spinning scene. Come explore that concept with us free of judgement in a fun-filled atmosphere!

What do I need to bring?

Your tickets and yourself. Bring a few of your stuffed friends with you. It is also recommended that you bring a blanket if you are joining us for the picnic or tea party supper. If you want to dress different in the event or play party, you should bring an appropriate change of clothes. And, of course, bring your toy bag if you’re coming out for the play party!

Is Mean Stuffies about BDSM?

Sure. Many folks would say Mean Stuffies is about “mental BDSM”. Some of the content will be about what most people would call “BDSM”. “Mean Stuffies” is being hosted by the Rochester Kink Society. There’s going to be some sadism classes. But really, Mean Stuffies is about having kinky adult fun with plushies. Weird Kink is about offbeat and eccentric kinks. We’ll leave it to folks on some forums to dispute whether the “BDSM” label properly applies or not. We’re just going to have fun with it.

Is Mean Stuffies a Littles event?

No, but Littles, Middles, and Bigs are welcome to attend! RKS has a nice Littles Corner. And one of our requested topics is about plush toys in Littles play, for which we are currently seeking out a presenter. Everyone is welcome to join us at Mean Stuffies. 

Is Mean Stuffies a Furry event?

No, it’s not that kind of plush con! (We’re about teddy bears and beanies and such.) Nevertheless, our Furry friends are welcome to join us in a non-judgmental environment. Anyone interested in the weird intersection of sadism, mental BDSM, and stuffed animals is welcome to come out!

Is Weird Kink inclusive?

BDSM photo

Yes, absolutely! Weird Kink’s core mission is facilitating and creating content for sexual & gender minority and adult sex education communities. Weird Kink is radically inclusive and welcoming. We also have a strong policy regarding both bigotry and personal space. You are welcome and we care about your safety  & well-being regardless of heritage, identity, or status.


Guest Vetting

You must be vetted to attend this event due to the private location. Guests vetted by or members of the Rochester Kink Society and organizations with reciprocal relationships are considered already vetted for this event. Further vetting opportunities will be announced in the near future. Please review our Event Rules for more information and full details.

Photo Friendly Warning

camera friendly photo

Mean Stuffies is a photo-friendly event. Individuals not wishing to be photographed will have wrist or arm bands to opt out and have their privacy respected.



Photo by suho.hsu

Photo by -Jeffrey-